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League directors, coaches, and parents, check out the resources below to help in implementing TackleBar Football into your football community.

Limited Contact Webinar Series:

What is Limited Contact Football?

Webinar 1: What is Limited Contact Football?

USA Football Director of Education, Michael Krueger, provides an overview on the Football Development Model, highlighting the limited contact category.

Implementing Limited Contact Football

Webinar 2: Implementing Limited Contact Football

Youth and varsity Coach Russ Hinrichs and league director Andrew Manna discuss implementing limited contact football in the youth program.

Growing your youth and high school program

Webinar 3: Growing your youth and high school program

Andy Ryland, USA Football Sr. Manager of Education and Training, and Tom Flood, Varsity coach, discuss growing your programs at both the youth and high school level through the limited contact offering.

TackleBar Guidebook (pdf)

Youth Football Progression image (jpg)

TackleBar Presentation (PowerPoint) (23MB)

TackleBar Logo (png)

TackleBar Printable Brochure (pdf)

TackleBar Rule Recommendations (docx)

TackleBar Safe Contact Recommendations (pdf)

Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine: Injury Rate in TackleBar Football (link)

Notes on TackleBar Injury Study (pdf)

FAQs for TackleBar (pdf)

White Paper: Safety and Participation (link)