Safe Contact.  Sound Fundamentals.

Safe Contact. Sound Fundamentals.

TackleBar™ Football is a safer approach that preserves the tradition and fundamentals of the game.

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What is TackleBar Football?

TackleBar Football is a safer approach to the game that preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport. It is an ideal transition that allows players to have the authentic football experience in a safe contact setting. Players wear traditional football equipment, plus a TackleBar harness that holds two foam bars across the lower back. The defender must track and engage with proper fundamentals like they’re going to tackle, but pulls a foam bar off the harness rather than tackling the ball carrier to the ground.

Coaches, directors, commissioners, and parents…YOU are paving the way for a safer game, and TackleBar Football is your partner.

TackleBar Youth

TackleBar Football is an ideal transition between flag football and tackle football. When kids are ready to move on from flag football, TackleBar Football provides a great transition before tackle football. Kids get to put on helmets and shoulder pads and experience a safe level of contact, while learning positions, stances, plays, and formations. With current medical research recommending kids wait until age 13 to begin tackle football, TackleBar Football allows kids to have the authentic football experience and learn proper fundamentals in a safe and fun atmosphere.
TackleBar Youth

TackleBar High School

Many high school programs are utilizing the TackleBar harness during practices, scrimmages, and passing leagues to require players to utilize proper fundamentals without putting their body through the wear and tear of live tackling.
TackleBar High School

Wrap and Rip

The technique for engaging and downing a ball carrier by removing a bar. This technique has been developed to teach the latest recommended shoulder tackling approach.
Wrap and Rip

See TackleBar in Action

TackleBar Football seems to be a very good alternative to teach the fundamentals of football, while minimizing/eliminating injuries to players. I see this form of the game a better fit for young players; I do not see the need of starting tackle at such a young age.

Glen Mason — Big 10 Network Analyst – Former Head Football Coach: Kent State, University of Kansas, University of Minnesota