USA Football

TackleBar is proud to partner with USA Football in their Football Development Model (FDM).
USA Football Development Model
What is Limited Contact Football?

Webinar 1: What is Limited Contact Football?

USA Football Director of Education, Michael Krueger, provides an overview on the Football Development Model, highlighting the limited contact category.

Implementing Limited Contact Football

Webinar 2: Implementing Limited Contact Football

Youth and varsity Coach Russ Hinrichs and league director Andrew Manna discuss implementing limited contact football in the youth program.

Growing your youth and high school program

Webinar 3: Growing your youth and high school program

Andy Ryland, USA Football Sr. Manager of Education and Training, and Tom Flood, Varsity coach, discuss growing your programs at both the youth and high school level through the limited contact offering.

Whats New at TACKLEBAR?

Check out this webinar hosted by TackleBar and Riddell.
TackleBar partners with USA Football
TackleBar® Partners with Riddell to Advance Game of Football.
TackleBar featured in December 2019 Sports Illustrated.
TackleBar Football has a lower injury rate than both flag and tackle football.
TackleBar selected as a finalists for NFL’s 1st and Future competition.

What is TackleBar Football?

TackleBar® is a limited contact football game that bridges the gap between flag football and tackle football. Players wear full pads and learn all of the traditional fundamentals of the game in a limited contact setting. This approach is providing players an authentic football experience that decreases injuries and increases participation in the sport.

Why TackleBar Football?

Decreases injuries by reducing hits and high impact collisions
Teaches proper shoulder tackling technique
Ideal transition between flag football and tackle football
Increases participation

TackleBar Youth

TackleBar is a limited contact game that bridges the gap between flag football and tackle football. While using the TackleBar harness, players wear traditional football equipment plus a TackleBar harness around their midsection that holds two removable foam bars on the lower back. The design teaches and requires players to use the proper shoulder tackling technique while wrapping up the ball carrier and pulling off a foam bar from the harness to end the play. With this approach, players learn to refine their technique without tackling a player to the ground.
TackleBar Youth

TackleBar High School

High school and college football players use the TackleBar harness in practice to refine technique and practice game-speed tackling drills while staying on their feet. USA Football now incorporates the TackleBar harness within its shoulder tackling and advanced tackling teachings.
TackleBar High School

Wrap and Rip

The TackleBar harness teaches proper shoulder tackling technique and skill development. The defender must track and engage with proper form tackling technique while wrapping the ball carrier and ripping a bar from the harness. Players are able to practice proper breakdown, body positioning, and engagement. It’s a true simulation of live tackling without putting players through the wear and tear of full contact.
Wrap and Rip

See TackleBar® in Action

“TackleBar equipment is a terrific fit for the Football Development Model, which is designed to advance the game through an expanded education and safety framework that focuses on an athlete's age, skill development, and game type to reduce contact.”

Scott Hallenbeck — CEO, USA Football