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Tim Healy

Tim Healy :: CEO

Tim has been around football his whole life, playing 4 years at St. John’s University, signing a free agent contract with the New Orleans Saints and coaching for 3 years at the Roseville, MN High School.

As a father of seven, he has also coached his three boys in over 10 seasons of youth football. This last season, Tim coached his son’s middle school team in the first season of TackleBar™ Football.

With a passion and love for the game, Tim has learned many life lessons and made lifelong friends on and around the field. Tim feels strongly the game offers the opportunity to build both virtue and character. Perseverance, teamwork, brotherhood, and both mental and physical toughness are just a few of the areas that players develop.

Prior to TackleBar, Tim owned a medical device distributorship representing Medtronic Spine and Biologics.

Tim’s interest in TackleBar is offering a safer game that can and will encourage greater participation.

Jeremy Ling

Jeremy Ling :: Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy has spent his career leading the technology development initiatives of high tech medical device programs. He believes problem solving is a common ingredient in every innovation.

It’s that same deep-rooted problem solving methodology that led Jeremy to apply his engineering background to develop TackleBar™ football. With the increased awareness of injury risks surrounding tackle football, Jeremy and his wife found themselves with hesitation about letting their three sons play football at all. They saw how their local football programs were struggling to field teams, an indication that they were not alone in their hesitation. A football player himself, Jeremy believes in the competitive spirit, lessons, teamwork, camaraderie and inclusive nature embedded in and taught by the game. These virtues still continue to be so valuable to today’s youth. The injury concerns and declining participation trends are problems very worthy of solving. Thus, TackleBar football was born.

Jeremy’s goal is for TackleBar™ Football to dramatically reduce both head injuries and all other injuries related to tackling, while at the same time preserving the fundamentals and spirit of the game.

Brigid Ryan Ling

Brigid Ling :: Vice President Marketing

Brigid Ryan Ling boasts an extensive background in marketing and communications strategy. After working in account services at Fallon Advertising in Minneapolis, Brigid went on to serve as communications director for Horst Rechelbacher at Intelligent Nutrients. In 2006, Brigid founded Ryan-Ling, LLC, a communications consulting business that provides marketing, public relations, communications, website and branding services to small businesses.

As a mother of four football-loving children, Brigid saw firsthand the need for an innovative approach to the game that made it safer while still preserving the tradition and fundamentals. Combining her passion for business communications with her love of football, Brigid worked with husband, Jeremy, to found TackleBar™ in 2016.