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TackleBar® Shoulder Pads

$ 35.00
TackleBar® Shoulder Pads

TackleBar® Shoulder Pads

$ 35.00

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TackleBar shoulder pads are an innovative new shoulder pad designed for greater mobility. These lightweight pads are made for more athletic plays.

How are TackleBar Shoulder Pads different?

  • TackleBar Shoulder pads are designed for maximum athleticism while still providing rigorous protection.
  • Their low profile conforms to a player’s body, improving mobility and range of motion.
  • The design includes flexible padding in the chest and back areas, with rigid impact absorbing plates wrapping the shoulder clavicle areas.
  • The TackleBar shoulder pads have received two thumbs up from both coaches and kids who have used them: “I could see an immediate improvement on the throwing mechanics for my quarterback and in my receivers ability to catch the ball.” St. Paul Youth Football Assocation coach

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Sizing Guide

Size Weight
XS under 75 lbs
S 75-120 lbs
M 120-160 lbs
L 160-200 lbs
XL 200-240 lbs
XXL 240+ lbs (out of stock)