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Former NFL Player Mike Williams Joins TackleBar Team

20 May 2018—Former USC star and NFL wide receiver Mike Williams is TackleBar’s new National Outreach Director. Mike is currently the head football coach at Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles and will continue to serve in that role. He’s passionate about TackleBar as a teaching tool at the high school level and as a way to increase participation numbers amongst youth players.

Williams will be working to grow TackleBar’s presence across the country. He will work with teams and leagues to incorporate TackleBar Football into both practices and games. Williams will also be overseeing a 6-week youth TackleBar league that will debut in L.A. next month.

Williams sees TackleBar as an outstanding teaching tool at all levels of amateur football. “I suffered injuries and concussions while I was playing, so I know the importance of taking the head out of the game and teaching proper fundamentals,” says Williams. “Now, I’m both a coach and father. I have a unique perspective and truly believe the future of football depends on making it safer for kids.”

TackleBar Football teaches safe contact, sound fundamentals and is decreasing injuries. The TackleBar harness is designed to teach players to engage the ball carrier in textbook shoulder tackling style. The difference is, once wrapped up, they pull a foam bar off a harness on the ball carrier’s lower back instead of driving them to the ground. TackleBar is increasing youth participation numbers by easing parent fears about concussions and other tackling-related injuries. It offers a great alternative for players and communities who are not yet ready for tackle but want more than flag football.

“We are thrilled to have Mike as a member of our team,” said TackleBar CEO Tim Healy. “Mike carries a wealth of experience, having played football at all levels. As a coach himself, he understands the importance of teaching proper fundamentals and how TackleBar does that. We’re all passionate about preserving this game we love, and no one is more passionate about football’s future than Mike.”