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TackleBar Football is the answer to today’s youth football needs. TackleBar Football is designed to teach proper defensive fundamentals and heads up play, while eliminating the tackling that research has shown is so dangerous to our youth.

  • Comfortable

    Players wear a comfortable X-Frame with two foam TackleBars attached
  • Tear Off

    The ball carrier is downed by tearing off a foam TackleBar™.
  • All Levels

    Blending Safety and fundamentals for every level of player.
  • Wrap and Rip

    Wrap and Rip is the technique for engaging and downing a ball carrier by removing a bar. This technique has been developed in harmony with the latest safety recommendations for shoulder tackling, which calls for the tackler to keep his/her head to the side, away from the impact of the tackle.
tacklebar on white background

tacklebar on white background
TackleBar Instructions